Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

With a drinking water system you can enjoy an amazing tasting glass of fresh water straight from a tap in your kitchen. We supply and install industry leading drinking water filters from Kinetico and Ecowater.

Delicious and tasty

There is nothing better than an amazing tasting glass of fresh water, with a Kinetico and EcoWater drinking water systems this can be enjoyed straight from a tap in your kitchen. Plus the beautifully filtered water will produce great tasting food, enhance the flavours of your favourite meal and make your tea taste fantastic.

With an AquaScale drinking water filter you also get the added benefit of a limescale free kettle.

So why do i need filtered drinking water?

Let’s start by explaining why you don’t want unfiltered drinking water in your brand new kitchen. How many times have you turned the tap, smelt chlorine and thought I don’t want to drink that? Don’t forget the limescale, hard water areas contain high levels of calcium and magnesium carbonate which turn into limescale when heated.

With a Kinetico and EcoWater drinking water systems, drinking clean water couldn’t be easier. Both brands have a range of systems ideal for every home. From simple drinking water filters to remove chlorine, to the ultimate in filtration.

Let’s not forget the extra special benefit of filtered water is the warm feeling you get inside knowing you are helping to protect the environment for future generations by eliminating the number of plastic bottles in your home.

Now you know why filtered water is our best friend, why not make it yours?

Benefits Of Soft Water

Straight from a tap

Great tasting water, straight from a tap in your kitchen.

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Great tasting food

Enhance the flavours of your favourite meals.

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Great tasting tea

You will be amazed at the difference. Ask your local Kinetico expert to show you the difference.

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Perfectly prepared

We all know fresh food is vital to our health, it makes sense to prepare it with perfectly filtered water.

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Saving you money

Bottled water can cost up to 1000 times more than tap water.

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Good for you and your family

Reduce the risk of consuming lead and pesticides.

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Environmental cost

Is bottled water really the healthiest option for you, your family and the planet?