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Water Softeners

Brilliantly designed with unrivaled reliability
You will certainly experience a difference with a Kinetico water softener. As a world leader in water systems they're brilliantly designed, easy to use, offer unrivalled reliability and produce the most luxuriously soft water. Enjoy!

Kinetico Premier Compact

Kinetico Premier Compact Water Softener

Our very best premium water softener with e-max technology for outstanding performance, efficiency and service.
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Kinetico 2050c

Kinetico 2050c Water Softener

For the above average household.
Eliminate the worry and expense of limescale build up. This non-electric system comes in a durable cabinet with a 10 year parts warranty and is easy to use. Learn more

AquaBlu powered by Kinetico

Kinetico AquaBlu Water Softener

AquaBlu is a mid-range water softener, ideally suited for houses with one bathroom and a standard combi or gravity fed heating system. Learn more