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Just a few comments from our happy customers...


Dylan Flanagan-Crawford, aged 3 years

Dylan used to suffer very badly from eczema. It was so terrible he had to wear special suits 24 hours a day and his skin was raw by his constant scratching. Despite being prescribed many different creams by his GP nothing seemed to work.

After some online research, Dylan’s mother contacted Kinetico and had a water softener installed. The transformation was remarkable. Within a few weeks Dylan’s eczema dramatically improved - and eventually vanished.


My son has had eczema since he was 4wks old very very severe we had ours installed about 18mnths ago he’s a different child now a miracle!!! and we know it’s down to the softener as we went without it for 2wks when we were flooded. His skin became dry, cracked sore and the itch so intense it was reliving the nightmare again. I don’t know why specialists don’t tell suffers about the benefits these devices can have. I’m actually ordering a brochure for a friend with psoriasis!!! Please use my info of testimony to others. It truly is a light at what can seem a very dark endless battle to win.
Miss K Ward, Worcestershire
For good savings. Bathing nice soft water. Long lasting 21 years
Mrs Scott, Winchester
We had one of these from 1989 to 2001 - when we moved, the first thing we had fitted was a Kinetico softener - excellent!
R & J Mudd, Fareham